Elif Kavak – Basic Sociological Questions and Answers


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Yazar – Kitap: Elif Kavak – Basic Sociological Questions and Answers

Yayınevi: Ritim Sanat Yayınları

Hamur Tipi: 70gr Birinci Kalite Kitap Kağıdı

İlk Baskı Yılı: 2021 Kasım


193 adet stokta

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The individual is an indivisible part of society. Therefore, people cannot be thought of independently of the society in which it lives. Sociology constitutes the building blocks of this social framework. As a social science, sociology brings new horizons and different perspectives to the individual. For this reason, the path of every person should cross with the field of sociology. Lawyers, psychologists, doctors, teachers and people with many areas should learn to look at society from a sociological perspective, because only when you have a sociological perspective you can evaluate situations from many perspectives. You can analyze, solve problems and have a universal perspective. In summary, everyone needs to learn this science in order to understand what the whole picture is trying to tell us. Ultimately, this book was written not only for sociology students, but also to provide basic sociological information that every individual in society should know.


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